Hands-On Help

Hands-On Help

As a nonprofit leader, you can be sure that sooner or later, the unexpected will pop up. Maybe "somebody" forgot about a critical deadline. Or maybe your assistant exec got poached by another organization.

You're stuck. You need a solution. A REAL solution. And fast!

Unique Engagements

One approach is an extra set of hands. Mine!

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When consulting, training, and coaching won't give you the results you need, maybe hands-on help will.

I’ve taken on some unique and rewarding projects over the past decade:

  • Managed a 9-month community outreach program for a grassroots healthcare initiative,
  • Researched and created a healthcare services manual for use by Resident Services coordinators,
  • Served as the temporary executive director of a nonprofit that serves formerly homeless women,
  • Designed community-informed Resident Services programs and related funding proposals for an affordable housing nonprofit.
  • Developed a “last-minute” federally-compliant contracting and procurement policy.

So if you have a project in mind that’s not so easily defined, I may be able to help. And I adore variety!

If you'd like to explore the possibilities, use the button below and schedule an Exploratory Call with me. I'm excited to hear what you have in mind!

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To discuss the possibility of securing hands-on support for your organization, click the button below to schedule and Exploratory Call with me.



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